Coalition of Geospatial Organizations (COGO)
Bringing Geospatial Organizations Together

Former Governor Geringer Leads Panel Calling on Congress and Governors to make National Spatial Data Infrastructure a High Priority February 2015

The Coalition of Geospatial Organizations (COGO) announces the release of its Report Card on the U.S. National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) February 2015

In Remembrance of Carolyn Merry June 2014

COGO Adopted Privacy Resolution 2013

COGO Chairman Jeff Lovin's Testimony Before Congress December 5, 2013
Written Statement

COGO Letter to Congress in Support of USGS 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) September 2013

FTC Response to COGO Letter on use of "Precise Geolocation Data" in Privacy Report September 2012

COGO Appeals FTC Misuse of "Precise Geolocation Data" in Privacy Report July 2012

COGO Sends Letter to Federal Trade Commission Chairman Leibowitz on FTC Staff Report July 2012

COGO Letter to FCC Technical Working Group (TWG) on LightSquared - July 2011

COGO Letter to FCC on LightSquared - June 2011

2012 COGO Chair Announced - April 2011

COGO Comments to FTC on Consumer Privacy - February, 2011

COGO Urges Obama Administration to Support STEM Education for Geospatial - February 2011

Geospatial Subcommittee In Congress Urged by COGO - December 2010

COGO - Adopted Geospatial Data Acquisition Principles
- April 2010

COGO Endorses Geospatial Education Resolution - June 2010

2011 COGO Chair Announced - June 2010

COGO Urges Senate to Include Geospatial Investment in Stimulus Bill- February 2009
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